We believe that as followers of Jesus we are called to be disciples and be disciple-makers. Discipleship is the heartbeat of Thrive College. We’re fanatically committed to seeing you develop as a Christ-follower, as an individual, as a friend, and as a leader.


Everything we do starts and ends with discipleship.

Discipleship Groups

These groups become the driving force behind your spiritual growth at Thrive College.

Discipleship Time

We gather together every week to learn more about the Bible, God, and your purpose.


We like to press pause on everyday life to retreat and learn relevant and crucial teachings.

We focus on your development as a disciple and disciple-maker in three ways...


Discipleship Group

This group is the driving force behind your spiritual growth at Thrive College. You and a few other students (of the same gender), led by a Thrive College staff member, will meet every week to learn from and challenge each other - and over the course of the program, really become a part of God’s work in each other’s lives.


Discipleship Time

This is where we study the Bible as a group and learn from Bayside pastors, guest speakers, and each other.

Join us for Preview Day and experience Discipleship Time!



About every month, we press pause on the regular schedule for a one or two day mini-conference, called an 'Intensive' (for a reason). Each Intensive is a fast-paced download of valuable information that’s immediately applicable to your life. You'll learn life long lessons by guest speakers and pastors.