My Hope for Christians in 2021
For the most part, a sigh of relief can be heard across the world now that 2021 is finally here. I heard a radio host the other day say, “well, 2021 is finally here, a step in a better direction”. 

I understand why we’re expecting this next year to be better, I mean, how could it not be? But...
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Ambassadors Unleashed

Do you feel on the outside?

Increasingly, Christianity is moving from the center of society to the outskirts. I talk to people all the time that feel like they went to sleep and America was a Christian nation, and woke up to America being the enemy. It’s not the first time Christians have had to ask ...

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Thrive School: A Parent's Perspective

I’ve just finished my first month at Thrive School looking at, to put it simply, what they do and how they do it. Coming from a large private Christian university where I worked in enrollment for 15 years and having two sons who are recent college graduates, I can honestly say I’m a bit of a tradit...

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