• Unleash Compassion, Reach Wide, Teach Deep


We believe when you
strengthen your faith, you
strengthen your life.

Strengthening your faith is critical.

Whether you've been walking with the Lord for four days or forty years. At Bayside, equipping the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow will always be a core value.

We are a multigenerational,
multi campus church.

The Church is God's plan to save the world.

We believe that healthy things grow, so we will always be seeking to grow our campuses in a healthy and effective way.

We believe scripture is our
authority, completely accurate
and inspired by God.

We will proclaim the truth boldly, but always do so in love and compassion.

Despite the influences of our culture we will never stop teaching what the Bible says or living it our to the best of our abilities.

Core Values

Our core values are the catalyst behind every weekend service, event, song we write, and so on. We truly believe this is our calling as a church.

As a Thrive College you will be building into the DNA of Bayside. If you these values make you excited, you've found the right church!

Unleash Compassion

Bayside is passionate about outreach! That’s why we parter with hundreds of local and global organizations to meet not only physical needs, but to ultimately share the love of Jesus.

Reach Wide

That’s why we are a multi-campus church. We believe all people matter to God and ought to matter to the church. Everyone is deserving of God’s grace and love.

Teach Deep

We believe Scripture is inspired by God, completely accurate, and our authority regarding Christian beliefs. It is our guide for Christian living.

Thrive Conferences

Throughout the year, we gather as a Bayside family to celebrate and worship. Our Thrive events and conferences are big impact, big hope, and big fun for everyone.

Our Thrive Leadership Conferences are all about building up healthy leaders. It's our mission to provide every leader with resources and tools to make an impact. Thrive students are an integral part in making these conferences happen!

Thrive Conference
Unleashed Conference
Women's Conference
Apologetics Conference

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